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Big Project – Milestone 1

Oh ya! The first condo units in our big condo project at the Loggerhead Marina is all complete! Be sure you check out the close up of the siding texture below. Is it is us or are these walls sexy? Okay, it’s probably just us…

Making it Look Easy!

On this big siding project in St Petersburg Florida, we’re placing siding on several new condos. Of course we are on time and on budget, everything is going smoothly, just like usual. As you can see we’re almost finished with this row of new condos. Here’s some pictures:

A Happy Crew Does a Better Job

I takes all kinds of people to make up a successful crew. Lots is asked of them. Our crews work from excessive heights in excessive heat for instance. It’s no wonder that some of them are a little crazy, and isn’t it better to keep crazy happy? Have some pictures: