February 23, 2024


Seamless Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters in this area are tested to the limits. They are installed a bit different from up north. The typical size gutters in Southwest Florida is 6″ K style or “Ogee” type design. They are typically formed on site with a roll form machine and they are made from .027 to .032 mill thick aluminum that has been pre-painted. There are hardly any installers these days that install gutters with spike and ferrule like you would find in the northern part of the country. Most companies in this area use hidden hangers and wedges or hangers with screws to make sure that the gutters do not come loose over time due to expanding wood fascia. We provide hidden hangers and custom miters to ensure that best possible chance of no failures or leaks on the system.

Seamless gutters made by and installed by professionals can accentuate the looks of a home. The gutters that we install have an effect of “crown molding” on the exterior roof line. As stated before, the gutters in Southwest Florida are installed as high as possible under the drip edge. This will allow the width of the gutter system to perform at it’s best during the torrential rains that we receive in this area. They are hung with care to have a level appeal in relationship to the roof line but we will pitch the gutter system to slope towards the downspouts at a gradual rate as to not seem visible to the naked eye.

Downspout locations are important because the main focus of the system is to move the water away from the foundation of your home. A trick that we have shown customers for many years is that if the downspouts are painted or installed as the same color as the walls that they are on, they will virtually disappear into the wall space. We always try to install these systems as to not attract your eye to the gutters and downspouts but rule#1 is that they have to be functional. In most cases we can achieve both very beautifully.

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