October 3, 2023



In Lee County and Southwest Florida – There’s always a storm a day away. Is your house ready?

Siding Installation And Repair

The siding on your home is important to you. You want siding that looks great, lasts a long time and protects your home. On top of that, it can reduce energy use, not only saving you money but saving the earth! It’s durable, dependable, low-maintenance and protects your home against Lee County Sun and extreme weather. Whether you like vinyl siding to the time-tested, rustic appeal of cedar shakes, there’s a material that suits the style of your house and also fits your lifestyle.

Water Resistance
Florida homes and buildings like yours need protection from the horizontal wind driven rains of hurricanes and the numerous tornadoes that go with them. You need siding made with materials that can stop the water from seeping through your walls (yes, this even happens to brick!).

Protection from the sun
Living in Florida you know what happens to anything you leave lay about in the sun for a few weeks. The sun damages everything and in South Florida, it’s stronger than almost anywhere else in the country. High quality siding protects the walls of your home from damage by the sun and helps reduce your energy usage.

Color Matching
Color matching is one of the most services that home owners appreciate most.  You need your home protected against the ravages of hurricanes and the South Florida sun, but you want it to look great too.  When you choose KBI, you can have both.

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