February 23, 2024


Soffits – Your Homes Unsung Hero

You may not realize it but you demand a lot from your homes soffits. You want them to provide a barrier to insects, moisture and even animals. At same time to need it to let air flow into your attic while – get this- providing a barrier against hurricane winds. Wow! That’s a lot to ask. Of course there’s more.

Soffits in Lee County, Charlotte County and Collier County, Naples, Ft. Myers and all over Florida have different building codes regulating them in different places. You need an experienced soffit installer to get the job done right and who will use the right materials.

Soffits do even more! Soffits can also effect how much energy is used to cool (or heat) your home? Choosing the right material and installation methods can be very important to you. Let our soffit expert – with over 30 years experience – help you get the perfect soffit material and installation for your home and your needs.


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